Agreements’ Registration and Notarial Services

Contracts Registration and Notarial Services

We have notable experience in Contracts Law specifically innegotiating contractual terms, drafting agreements, termination and other related acts.

  • Employment Agreements;


  • Promissory Agreements;
  • Purchase and Sale Agreements;


  • Lease Contracts;

We also ensure the registry and notary formalities necessary for the Client’s ultimate objectives.

  • Registration and obtaining documents from Commercial, Civil or Land Registry Offices, notaries or any other entities.


  • Requests for certificates of all documents subject to registration.


  • Scheduling and following up of deeds, or representation in such acts by means of a Power of Attorney;
  • General notarial acts, practiced by us under the terms of Decree-Law 76-A/2006 of 29 March, which granted lawyers the proper powers to legally authenticate Private Documents; acknowledge simple signatures or signatures with special mentions; face-to-face acknowledgements of letter and signature; Certification of copies and documents.