A Cohesive and Determined Team.

We assure our absolute commitment.
We combine professional experience with an innovative perspective on the matters in hand, in a multidisciplinary firm with exceptional experience in various areas of national and international practice, guaranteeing all our clients a personalised, rigorous, and efficient service.

We give each client our utmost dedication, always dealing with the respective matters with precision and smoothness.

We meet needs and protect expectations: we are uncompromising when it comes to ensure our clients’ interests.

We act with strict work ethics, in a responsible and close assistance to our clients, whether they are companies or private individuals.

We are part of the AEA – Association of European Lawyers, an international network of lawyers, in which we actively participate. We are also members of the British-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce, which allows us to collaborate with trusted colleagues on international matters.

We resolve issues quickly, yet we see beyond the obvious and the immediate: we anticipate problems, preventing them.

Areas of Expertise
Among our clients are several companies and individuals, which we assist in areas as diverse as real estate, industry, tourism, commerce, education, among others.
We have privileged relations with Angola, where we have several clients, from different economic areas and where we have a network of associate colleagues.
Real Estate
Golden Visas
Civil Liability
International Experience

The specific needs of national and foreign clients receive personalized legal advice that meets the requirements of each client.​

Slide Miguel Castro C. P. N.º 4860P A lawyer since 1993, Miguel Castro is highly experienced in several areas of law, especially in real estate and corporate law, advising on the implementation of new companies and businesses in Portugal and other countries.

He assists his clients' real estate projects in their different stages, namely, at the acquisition of land or buildings, the drafting of construction contracts and the placement of real estate assets on the market, seeking, with his experience and constant updating in this field, to assist the client in taking decisions, preventing and anticipating multiple scenarios.

He represents several companies in different areas, such as construction, real estate mediation and promotion, tourism, industry, education, and so on, for whom he provides services related to corporate law, labour, contracting and financial litigation.

He has postgraduate degrees in Real Estate Law, from the Portuguese Catholic University and in Urban Planning, Environment and Planning Law, from the University of Coimbra, where he also attended a postgraduation in Corporate Law.
Slide Ana Rita Sampaio Ana Rita Sampaio was born in Porto and has a degree in Law by the Faculty of Law of the University of Coimbra.

She enrolled in the Internship Course of the Portuguese Bar Association, having simultaneously completed the curricular phase of her Master's Degree inLaw, with a speciality in Legal Forensic Sciences, at the institution from which she graduated.

After having started her professional career in Coimbra, she has been carrying out her activity at MCRS Lawyers since 2017.

She focuses her activity on matters related to Private Contracts and Civil Litigation, namely in the resolution of disputes of civil and corporate nature, through extra-judicial and judicial channels.

She also provides assistance and has (relevant) experience in the area of Investment Visas.
At MCRS Lawyers, she is particularly involved in matters regarding Family and Succession Law.
C. P. n.º 58547P